FlowPay and Mia-FinTech together to offer a simplified access to digital payment services

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Milan, 28 March 2023Mia-FinTech, a fintech startup that enables companies in the financial sector to evolve Open Finance, embarks on a new partnership with FlowPay, a payment institute authorized by the Bank of Italy, that provides businesses and professionals with modular solutions to streamline collection and payment flows and enhance financial data, combining open banking solutions and standard collection and payment services reshaped with an innovative approach.

The two fintech players offer an end-to-end B2b2x solution for payment management, from order capture to transaction reconciliation and final accounting.

We are excited to start a growth path together with Mia Fintech, that shares our same business strategy and positioning as enablers and strategic partners for companies that want to create fintech services. Having a similar corporate culture and technological expertise, we are convinced that we can run some really interesting projects and support each other in the development of a solid and synergic ecosystem.

This is a good opportunity for Mia-Platform’s customers, who can always benefit from a smooth and secure user experience in their service integration processes thanks to the use of high-performance APIs orchestrated through the Mia-Platform.

Federico Masi, CEO of FlowPay

FlowPay and Mia-Platform offer innovative payment services for recurring, bulk and chain payments, enabling customers to simplify their collection and payment processes and save valuable time and resources.

In summary, the collaboration between FlowPay and Mia-Platform enables customers to enjoy a comprehensive, flexible and secure payment solution that can help improve the efficiency and profitability of their business. 

The entire digital payments ecosystem and all players involved will need to be able to meet and, if possible, anticipate the needs of consumers who are increasingly inclined to pay electronically, offering a simple, instant and secure service. The collaboration with FlowPay was created precisely to respond to these needs for innovation and simplification. Thanks to the integration of FlowPay we can reinforce Mia-FinTech’s offer on the world of payments already launched with the Payment Integration Hub, an end-to-end solution, which allows to manage the entire lifecycle of digital payments.

Bruno Natoli, CEO of Mia-FinTech

About FlowPay

FlowPay is a payment institute authorized by the Bank of Italy that develops modular solutions to streamline collection and payment flows and enhance financial data, combining open banking solutions and standard collection and payment services remodeled with an innovative approach.

Its proprietary Open Banking technology, which boasts almost 100% banking coverage in Italy, together with PISP and AISP licenses, allow FlowPay to implement new payment use cases that can be integrated by partners into their own systems.

Visit the website: www.flowpay.it
Press Contacts: info@flowpay.it

About Mia-FinTech

Mia-FinTech is the fintech startup based on the experience acquired by Mia-Platform, the leading Italian tech company that has revolutionized the end-to-end creation of digital platforms, in the banking and financial industries.

Its cloud native platform enables financial institutions to develop and create new digital services in a fast and scalable way, and to evolve towards Open Finance thanks to API, microservices and Fast Data, in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

With the claim “Evolve your Bank in a modern FinTech company”, Mia-FinTech fills the gap between traditional banks and modern omnichannel digital banks.

Visit the website: mia-fintech.io
Press contacts: press@mia-fintech.io

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