Empower the experience and bring open innovation to your bank.

Mia-FinTech provides a simple way to integrate, develop and upgrade specific-industry services.

Thanks to the experience of Mia-FinTech and its Partners, this technology is enriched by a wide range of specific extensions to speed up the Time-to-Market of financial digital projects.

Mia-FinTech guarantees a smooth and seamless experience both for customers and people involved in banking processes.

How Banks can evolve in modern Fintech Companies?

React Fast to market needs

Mia-FinTech helps banks, fintech companies and all the players that operate in the financial industry to fastly react to business needs. Its outstanding solutions reduce time-to-market and costs thanks to advanced cloud-native technologies such as APIs, microservices, and Fast Data.

Get access to Open Banking

Mia-FinTech promises an evolving Open approach to embrace a digital, modern and easily integrated banking and financial service ecosystem. It adopts the paradigm of the Digital Platform Ecosystem thanks to the marketplace for a faster integration among partners.

Embrace the future of applications

Mia-FinTech gives you the power to become a rocket, with modularity and effortless components. With their accelerators and third parties plug-ins, Mia-FinTech speeds up the development and orchestration of services related to the financial ecosystem.

Instantly put into practice these use cases with Mia-FinTech!