Evolve your Bank
in a modern
FinTech Company

Based on the world-wide recognized technologies of Mia‑Platform, Mia-FinTech bridges the gap between traditional institutions and digitally-enabled modern finance.

Develop and deliver regulated digital financial services on a global scale.

Speed up time-to-market, reduce costs

Reduce over 47% of the time and costs of any IT project. Develop faster with ready-to-use Accelerators.

Offload legacy systems, boost up your data

Offload legacy systems and generate savings in infrastructure and license costs. Make your data in real-time 24/7 with Single Views.

Embrace open finance, integrate with anyone

Scale and evolve your business needs by embracing the Open-Banking paradigm. Integrate partners and facilitate new business.

A game-changing scenario in the banking industry

Omnichannel and Open-banking have changed the banking business, pushing the rise of services ecosystems managed by many partners.

Mia-FinTech enables Banks, Fintech companies, Financial Institutions and all the players in banking industry to develop and provide fast and scalable digital services through API, microservices and Fast Data.

Rethinking the banking ecosystem together

Build your platform and develop modern applications for the Fintech ecosystem

Code Consistency

Free the value of your APIs, guaranteeing code quality and consistency. Improve development with a power up Internal Developer Portal.

Omnichannel Experience

Develop modern applications with the best cloud native technologies on the market and enhance the omnichannel experience for your customer.

Compliance by Design

Trust a secure by design platform and implement security standards directly in your code by default.

Developer Experience

Simplify developers’ work with a unique console. Develop faster, smarter and simpler, managing the full software lifecycle from a single place.

One platform, endless solutions


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Openness and transparency

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Full-stack Trust

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