Mia-FinTech enables banks to be more open, reactive, flexible for consumer needs and market changes.

Who we are

Mia-FinTech is an innovative and disruptive startup for the banking scenario.

Mia-FinTech takes care about banks’ innovation, services and processes efficiency to give you the power to offer your customer more digital products and a better experience.

Mia-FinTech technology is based on the worldwide recognized technologies of Mia-Platform. Thanks to cloud-native competencies and a solid network of partners, we support financial companies, make them competitive in their market context.

Vision & Mission

In the current financial context where all services must be customizable and customer-centric our mission is to evolve every bank into a modern fintech company to meet customer needs.

We provide a cloud-native platform that allows developing and delivering regulated digital financial services on a global scale.

Board members

We are experienced professionals with a passion for crafting technology.

Bruno Natoli

Bruno Natoli


Bruno is a management engineer with over twenty years of experience in leading Consulting, Systems Integration, Digital Services and IT platform companies.

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Francesco Soncini Sessa

Francesco Soncini Sessa


Francesco is an experienced businessman with a consistent background in managing large IT, supply chain and services organizations.

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Giulio Roggero

Giulio Roggero


Giulio is an IT engineer with 20 years of experience in the software field. He founded Mia-Platform with the goal to enable companies to become digital natives. 

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Our values

We believe in innovation sharing these values:

Banks dedicated

Mia-FinTech’s solutions make banks how they should be: digital, easy-to-use, customer-oriented, omnichannel and open.

Open as paradigm

Mia-FinTech embraces the Digital Platform Ecosystem paradigm because we trust in the integration and open collaboration among Players.

Technology for effectiveness

Mia-FinTech delivers innovative, composable and concrete solutions that help financial companies meet their business needs day by day.

Agile and fast

Face the evolution in an agile and fast way with 0 lock-in thanks to Mia-FinTech’s solutions.

Our story in numbers


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