Easily scale your business with an open, composable and modular platform and vertical accelerators.

The evolution of
your Bank is here.

Get and integrate all the tools for the development and management of your existing systems.

Fill the digital gap

Accelerate your development with ready‑to‑use Components.

Choose among hundreds of different accelerators from Mia-FinTech and Partners, speed up your development, reducing time and costs.

Our microservices help you to evolve in a modern fintech company, allowing you to create cloud-native architectures, improve integration, comply with regulations, and embrace open innovation.


Leverage pre-built microservices packages to install a working application on your services.

3rd Party Accelerators

Take advantage of an ecosystem of partners and technology solutions.

Banking and FinTech Accelerators

Industry-specific components to enhance developments.

Compose, evolve, reuse

Deliver new services with a cloud-native platform.

Mia-FinTech leverages on Mia-Platform technologies providing a cutting-edge platform to empower your IT teams. Control and manage the full software lifecycle from a single point and bridge the gap between the traditional and modern banks.

Time-to-market & Costs Reduction
Improve developers’ experience and reduce time and costs of any IT project.

Offload legacy systems
Offload legacy systems from massive workloads and generate savings in infrastructure and license costs.

Security & Governance
Easily manage the software lifecycle and trust a secure-by-design platform.

Scalability & Flexibility
Bring your services at scale and open up your business to new opportunities.

Fast integration
Easily integrate 3rd parties plugins and grow up with your partners.

Real-Time Data
Aggregate data according to your business needs and make them available in real-time, 24/7.