Digital Identity: Futurae partners with Mia‑FinTech

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15 June 2023 – Futurae, the leading Passwordless authentication platform, partners with Mia‑FinTech, an innovative fintech startup revolutionizing Banking and Financial Institutions. This collaboration grants the Italian fintech ecosystem access to advanced authentication and authorization services for Digital Identity, elevating the industry standards.

With over 120 banks and organizations worldwide relying on Futurae, their customers experience secure logins and transactions daily. In the banking and financial services sector, login issues alone contribute to over 50% of all helpdesk tickets. Futurae addresses this challenge by offering a range of authentication options that comply with regulatory standards, streamlining onboarding and authentication processes while reducing user friction and operational costs.

By joining forces with Futurae, Mia-FinTech aims to revolutionize the way companies authenticate transactions and safeguard sensitive data, making Futurae’s Digital Identity Authentication Platform available in Mia-FinTech Partner Ecosystem. This collaboration brings together the expertise and cutting-edge technologies of two industry powerhouses, ensuring customers benefit from the highest level of security and trust in their digital interactions. 

Cybersecurity threats are evolving rapidly, and at Futurae, we understand the critical need for robust authentication solutions to protect businesses and their customers. Through our partnership with Mia-FinTech, we are excited to bring our advanced Passwordless authentication platform to the Italian fintech ecosystem, enabling companies to establish secure and trustworthy relationships with their users. Together, we revolutionize the authentication experience and data protection, ensuring that customers can engage in digital interactions with utmost confidence and peace of mind.

Sandra Tobler, CEO at Futurae

Futurae is an authentication platform for businesses of all sizes that protects their customers’ data, reduces risk and fraud, and provides an exceptional user experience, empowering companies to build trust and provide friction-free login experience.

This strategic alliance represents a significant milestone for Mia-FinTech and Futurae, and sets the stage for enhanced security and streamlined user experiences. Through this partnership, our customers will leverage the robust multi-factor authentication and transaction confirmation capabilities offered by Futurae, enabling us to provide an unparalleled level of protection against unauthorized access and fraudulent activities related. This integration will empower our clients to confidently authenticate their transactions, mitigate risks, and strengthen their overall security posture related with Digital Identity.

Bruno Natoli, CEO at Mia-FinTech

About Futurae

Futurae’s leading multi-factor authentication and transaction signing services enable companies of all sizes, state-of-the-art and seamless security. Futurae offers highly scalable and easy to implement solutions to companies with operations in 17 countries.

Futurae supports a wide range of authentication methods, including passwordless options, transaction confirmation, 3DS support for secure credit card payments, and more. It allows for easy integration with existing systems through modern APIs and modular IAMs.

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About Mia-FinTech

Mia-FinTech is the fintech startup based on the experience acquired by Mia-Platform, the leading Italian tech company that has revolutionized the end-to-end creation of digital platforms, in the banking and financial industries.

Its cloud native platform enables financial institutions to develop and create new digital services in a fast and scalable way, and to evolve towards Open Finance thanks to API, microservices and Fast Data, in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

With the claim “Evolve your Bank in a modern FinTech company”, Mia-FinTech fills the gap between traditional banks and modern omnichannel digital banks.
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